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Bike Repair & Maintenance

Full Service Repair Shop

Here at GHY bikes we offer a full service repair shop.  We can do any type of repair you can think of...such as custom wheel builds (includes lifetime trues), fork rebuilds, shock rebuilds, pivot bearing service, derailleur adjustment, hydraulic brake bleeds, mechanical brake adjustments, hub rebuilds and much much more!  Full Suspension bikes usually need an à la carte treatment.  Quotes are FREE.  Must have bike in person.

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$15 and up

Tire/Tube Install $15ea E-Bike $25

Adjust Brakes $20ea

Derailleur Adjust $25ea

True Wheels $30ea

Brake Bleed $40each Hope is $50ea

Multi Speed



Adjust F/R Brakes

True F/R Wheels

Clean and Lube Chain

Gear Adjustments

Safety Check and Bolt Check/TIghtening




Fork Seals Service $80 + Seals ($25 and up)

Shock Seals Service $60 + Seals ($20 and up)

Fork Damper Rebuild and Coil Shocks please call for quote



$160 + Bearings

Remove and Replace

Frame Pivot Bearings 

Bearings are $8 each and up

Contact us with any questions today.