Huck (hŭk): verb. To throw, to toss; in cycling, kayaking, snowboarding, and similar sports, to ride over a drop-off. See also: sending it, try it with more speed.

When this film hits.  Watch out.  Might be a game changer coming down the pipes.

Pietermaritzburg – April 12, 2014 – After much anticipation, the 2014 season got underway last week under sunny skies and blazing heat for an exciting race in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa. Home of the 2013 World Championships, the course saw a few changes for 2014 to add more technicality for the riders. Awkward man made rock gardens, blown out dry soil, big jumps, 60+Km/h speeds, and a huge pedaling effort proved to be a challenging race course for everyone.

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Front flip at the World Cup

April 10th, 2014

Here is Loic Bruni getting sent over the bars at Pietermaritzburg. Hope he joins the olympic team for his perfect front flip. Seemed like he was okay so thats why we can smile.

Transition TR500 is coming

April 9th, 2014

This will be one versitile bike. With the ability to make this bike into a TR450 and also change it up to also ride like the TR250, it is a do all DH/Park ride. The video will make you psyched on all of the high tech goodies used in making this machine. Order yours today!

This is a massive jump that is not even packed fully in. I turn around and Lucas is eyeing it up for a go. I grabbed my phone and he sent this line with ease. Then did it again just for fun.

Black Diamond Step Down – many feet long from Go Huck Yourself & g.h.y. bikes on Vimeo.

Taj came from BMX. Has one of the best fluid styles in the biz. He also had an indoor park in Olympia called Thunder Dome. The building became unsafe and that was the end of that. In 2010, Taj launched an all-purpose road, commuter and town bicycle company called Fairdale Bicycles. Here is some creative riding to say the least!

Fairdale R+D from Fairdale Bikes on Vimeo.

He must have ridden some North Shore stunts to be able to kill the competition like this. He is flying through this course and making it look good. Just pretend your in the lumberyard.

Amazing Bike Moves

February 28th, 2014

To describe what you are about to see would be dreadful. The practice, timing and bike skills are pretty awesome. Oh and it is on 1935 equiptment.

Motocross Freeride

February 27th, 2014

Do you like the footage that comes from places like Nelson BC? Do you like full speed senders? Do you like Supercross? Then you are going to love this! Check out the big mountain style on these guys.

The “Outlaws of Dirt” Series had their first stop at Burlington Indoor Bike Park.  It was snowing slightly outside so the indoor venue was awesome.  This was BMX and MTB in one contest.  There was some serious talent in both classes but some big names were definitely missed.  Burlington is pretty close to the Canadian border so I thought more guys would jump across to this event.  Not sure the full results but here are the Podium Results and pictures.