ghy bikes has 27.5 Transitions

October 31st, 2013

I know most of you think this is just a way of “the industry” to have you spend more money. But this size wheel is pretty awesome. I personally had a 27.5 and it was a climbing machine (climbing is not my strong suit). Someone wanted it so bad I sold it. I switched back to a 26″ and my climbing definitely suffered. The only real downfall to a 27.5 is that you have to pull up a tiny bit more in order to clear jumps. After about two jumps I was used to the new wheel size. The contact patch is bigger and the cornering seems to be a little faster (except switchbacks). So if you want one of the frames…then come in quick! They might not be here if you wait. We will have them built up as soon as the parts arrive (2-3 weeks). Just a side note…I am pretty sure the next shipment for these bikes is after Christmas.

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