Red Dead Fixies

November 14th, 2009

You may have asked yourself “Whats black & white & red all over?”
g.h.y. bikes has your answer…



This fixie is set up to be everything you want from a trick track bike

650c front wheel for better toe clearance on bar spins,
Thick seat for comfort and easy to pinch for no-handed tricks,
Tall riser bars with plenty of back sweep to get the front end off the ground

& plenty of style to go with it! You just need is a matching pair of kicks and some practice!

Available in sizes 46-48-50-52-54-56

Complete bikes starting @ $599!
Check them out @ g.h.y. bikes & online @!


2 Responses to “Red Dead Fixies”

  1. Joseph dela Cruz Says:

    aye! im the one who bought the bike! its awesome! i love it! and everyone else likes it to!haha now all i need are some hold fast straps. the original clips get loose pretty easily…. but thats about it! otherwise this bike is legit!

  2. Jesse Says:

    good to hear! it is a cool looking bike, have fun with it! and come back for any parts you need… don’t forget that red top tube pad! :-)

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