We have been working on a Pump Trackish, Dirt Jumpy, kinda thing up near the beloved tapeworm. It is located in the same place as all of the old elevated stuff (torn down). Well its almost winter we had enough rain to get the trail running better than the summer and its time to have a little appreciation BBQ to all the riders in the area. Most of the trail can be rode by a kid on a 16″ but it is super fun for hardtails up to about 5″ of travel. Come out and have a few hot dogs and some beers. We are going to hold this event:

Sunday Octobeer 25th – Noon to 5

We are going to be there rain or shine to have some fun and maybe even some timed runs for anyone who thinks that they are ricky racer.  Here is the best place to park unless you like to travel from the regular tapeworm parking lot.

1424 Grant Ave S, Renton, WA (Address is approximate)


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  1. Chris S Says:

    Hey AJ, sorry I missed the BBQ. Just read the post above. Hope it kicked arse today.

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