AST Dew Tour Portland

August 20th, 2007

Dew DirtWent down to Portland for the Dew tour this last weekend.  Pretty much some of the best riding I have seen live ever.  I was lucky enough to get some sweet seats from Mongoose.  The first event was dirt and it was super sick.  Tons of stuff on youtube.  There was one trick that they had to watch the replay just to see what went on.  Anthony Nepoliton pulled a front flip, tire grab, barspin.  Insane. 

Catfish BMX

Catfish from DK/System Cycle announces the Dew Tour.  Probably one of the best choices since he was hilarious on the mic.  The park comp was out of hand.  I think that the list of tricks will shut it down, so here we go.  1080, triple tailwhip, 720 barspin, 900, tailwhip 720.  any questions.  I think that Daniel Dhers should of won and also Diogo from Diamondback is a new one to watch.

Half PipeLast on the BMX line-up was vert.  Not my personal favorite but I was so glad I went.  The arena looked so cool and the air that they pull out of the pipe is pretty amazing, even from high up!  It was cool to see DMC the 40 year old kill the pipe and then assault some flatland at the bottom.

Oh I almost forgot.  I saw two crazy funny things that have to be mentioned.

rg1.jpg#1.  This one usher tried to kick out T.J. Lavin out of the V.I.P. section because he had a athlete pass.

#2  Being hassled by a security guard Ryan Geuttler was drinkin his coke outside the event about a half hour after prelims.  He had already had a couple before this and so he downed the drink and dropped his plastic glass and ice on the ground shattering.  Quite possibly one of the funniest things that I have seen in a while.

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