Ben Boyko 360 drop at crankworks 2007Congratulation’s to Ben for throwin it down on the last drop when no one else was steppin up…without goin DOWN HARD.  Its awesome to see a good guy win this event, and on a Norco to boot.  Norco is newly aquired and available at G.H.Y Bikes/Gohuckyourself by the way!!!

During the event there was some stupid promo about seeing a Sasquatch.  Probably one of the most annoying skits I have seen.  That was up until he made his appearance.  I think Jordie was dressed up and had three kokanee girls chacing him in skinsuits.  The outfits left nothing to the Sasquatch at Whistlerimagination…I could read there lips from 20 paces, pretty hot.  Note: one was Cedrics ex-girlfriend.

Our boy Phil Sundbaum did not make the big show but was there to lend support to Lutze from Match.  He is a bad-ass trials rider in his off time.  I watched some later runs with Lutze and Jeff Lenosky.  It was pretty impressive.  Hop brake, hop brake, skinny log, rock Aaron Lutze Fansand water.  Thats the cliffnotes for ya.

So I have not went to Whistler since opening the shop and was super stoked to ride.  Had so much fun on the new trails and partied hard as usual.  I was unfortunately not that stoked about the event.  I have talked to many people who just thought that the feel was not there this year.  I am not just talking about the slopestyle either.  All of the components that Paul Basagoitiashould make a killer event were drawn together.  Vendors, Pro’s, Races, Demos, Poutine, and of course the best venue in the world.  Just a little touch on the feel of the event.  

It was super busy, to be expected.  I got to ride plenty, so stoked!  

Thanks to Cory for the pics and whistler for the good time!  

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